My dear friend Rick, WB6JBM brought me a ton of parts and assorted "stuff" before leaving for 4 Land.
I can not thank brother Rick enough for giving me this rig, not sure why I was deserving of such a gift but I'm not asking any questions! :-)

Amoungst all the goodies was this little gem inside a home made case made from old Folgers Coffee cans.

I decided to transfer it to another case, so off to Radio Shack I went!
Here the case has been drilled and ready for the board.

Here it is mostly wired and looking good!

Top view showing it all hooked up and just about ready to go.

Antenna and power supply connections installed.
I goofed up on marking the hole for the antenna connector, if I had put inside it would have been right next to a torroid core, so I had to move it outside of the case.

Here it is, labeled up and ready for action!

Rear view.

Well I got into one of those moods and was just not 100% happy with the SW-40+. So I broke out the soldering iron for one more update.
I updated my K1EL keyer to a K-12 chip, so I had a good K-10 chip needing a home, and the SW-40+ had the room!

I built it on a perf board and mounted it to the side of the case.

The K-10 has 4 memory capacity, but I just need 1 and a button to activate the featuers of the keyer.

FINISHED! I took a little time to clean up the wires and make it pretty.

This radio has special Slash Rick mojo, so those ugly black knobs had to go!

One final label and I'm NOW HAPPY with the radio.

UPDATE 8/9/13
Seems I was not "HAPPY NOW". I was going thru some of my parts when I found a SWL Freq-Mite.
Well, since I had built it a long time ago for a future project, I just had to throw that in of course!

Nice thing is hooking it up is well documented and I had the hardware to install it.

So far it works great, output is just under 4W and the band spread is from about 7.024 to 7.060.
I'm very surprised at how good the RX is and the VFO is very stable. So far I've had 4 QSO's with it, one lasting about an hour with another QRPer!