This Old Shack!
Updated 01/06/2016.

Over the years like any Ham worth his salt my Shack has been at least one thing, in a state of constant change!.
I've had a lot of classic rigs to some fairly modern gear. My very first HF radio was a Drake 4 setup, since then I've had a Kenwood TS-830, TS-440, TS-570, Heathkit SB-110, Alinco DX-70TH, Icom IC-251, IC-551, Yaesu FT-101EE, and a host of others. But it's not all been QRO, I've had the fortune to have owned a lot of QRP kit and commercial radios as well.

My operating position in the shack:

My Rigs:
My main HF radio is a Kenwood TS-570DG. This is connected to the shack computer for contesting and digital modes.
The Bencher BY-1 and LDG meter are connected to the Yaesu FT-857-D

My main 6M, UHF/VHF radio is a Yaesu FT-857D.
The screen is not bad, the camera flash makes it appear this way.

I run an MFJ-986 Differential-T antenna tuner.

For DC power distrabution I use a 35A Tenma DC Power Strip..

Here are my rotor controls, the CDR is a 50's vintage..

For SSB and AM I use a nice mic and stand donated by my good friend and Elmer, Daryl K8FP.

Here are the keys I currently use in the shack.
A Vibroplex 1938 Lightning Bug and a Bencher BY-1 used on the TS-570DG.

I have an old Radio Shack 200 Channel scanner for monitoring local Police and Fire.

My workbench for all my Mad Scientist needs!

A Radio Shack would not be complete without an appropriate phone!

My favorite piece of paper hanging on the wall!

My shack companion, Buddy.

Well that's it for now. Stay tuned because you never know what radio will show up in My Old Shack!